I was recently named as one of top producing early career researchers in educational psychology journals. I was only one of two researchers based in the UK who was on the list.

For a full list of publications, see here.

Open access (publicly available) versions of the articles can be found here.

Selected publications

  1. Kim, L. E., Owusu, K., & Asbury, K. (2023). The ups and downs in perceived societal appreciation of the teaching profession during COVID‐19: A longitudinal trajectory analysis. British Educational Research Journal
  2. Kim, L. E., Fields, D. & Asbury, K. (2023) “It feels like I’m back to being a teacher”: A longitudinal trajectory analysis of teachers’ experiences during the first eight months of COVID-19 in England.British Journal of Educational Psychology
  3. Burić, I., Butković, A. & Kim, L. E. (2023) Teacher personality domains and facets: their unique associations with student-ratings of teaching quality and teacher enthusiasm.Learning and Instruction, 88, 101827
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