Examining the Effectiveness of Collaboration across Small Schools (EXECS): Identifying the best practices of clusters and federations for small schools in England

An interview and survey study on increasing the effectiveness of small school clusters and federations in England.

Approaches to addressing the challenges that school leaders face in small school contexts: A systematic review

A systematic review on the challenges that school leaders face in small school contexts and evidence-based approaches to addressing these challenges.

Gauging the Realities of Occupational Wellbeing and Training in scHools (GROWTH)

A mixed method survey on the wellbeing and professional development experiences and needs of school leaders, teachers, and teaching assistants in North Yorkshire.

Teacher personality, emotion and performance: A dynamic perspective

A longitudinal quantitative study on teacher personality, emotions and effectiveness of teachers.


Examples of Past Projects

Being a teacher in England during the COVID-19 pandemic

A longitudinal qualitative study on experiences of teachers in England April 2020 to July 2022.

Research Methodologies in Education (ReMiE) Project

Research methods project aimed to equip academics and PhD students to improve the quality of their research, teaching and supervision.