Examining the Effectiveness of Collaboration across Small Schools (EXECS)

Identifying the best practices of clusters and federations for small schools in England

Funded by the University Research Priming Grant

Principal Investigator: Dr Lisa E. Kim (University of York)

Research Team: Dr Sarah Crellin (University of York)

Co-Production Team: North Yorkshire Council, North Yorkshire Coast Research School


Building on the findings of our co-produced project on identifying solutions to the challenges experienced by small school leaders in the UK, we will work with North Yorkshire Council and the North Yorkshire Coast Research School to identify how small school leaders can best engage with clusters and federations to increase their own effectiveness as leaders and enhance the experience and performance for both staff and students.

Small schools in England experience resource-related and educational challenges, leading to more than half of small schools being closed since the 1980s. Consequently, rural communities are often without local schools. To cope with these challenges, many small schools are increasingly forming school clusters and federations. Drawing on data from a survey and semi-structured interviews we will produce a policy brief and infographic and deliver presentations designed to shape national and regional policies and practices across and within small schools in England.

More information

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