Gauging the Realities of Occupational Wellbeing and Training in scHools (GROWTH)

A Survey on the Experiences and Needs of School Leaders, Teachers, and Teaching Assistants in North Yorkshire

Funded by the University of York Internal Funding

Principal Investigator: Dr Lisa E. Kim (University of York)

Research Team: Dr Sarah Crellin (University of York), Charly Ding (University of York)

Co-Production Team: Emma-Jane Birley (Coast and Vale Learning Trust), Jane Elsworth (Huntington Research School), Mari Palmer (North Yorkshire Coast Research School), Andrew Young (Pathfinder Teaching School Hub)


The research project aims to contribute to tackling the national school staff wellbeing crisis and supporting their effectiveness by consolidating the experiences of school leaders, teachers, and teaching assistants specifically in regards to their occupational wellbeing and professional development needs and support. The findings are aimed to assist schools in understanding the needs of their staff, as well as potentially guiding them in selecting, implementing, and evaluating wellbeing and professional development support provisions to help staff thrive in their workplaces.


This is the final opportunity for you and your staff to participate before the closing date of Friday 16th June, 2023 (midnight). The survey will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. We hope to use the data collected to inform future policy and practices in schools. All respondents can enter a lottery with the chance to win one of thirty £70 Amazon vouchers. To complete the survey, click here: GROWTH Survey Link


You are invited to the Mental Health and Education Event (27th June) at the University of York. As part of the programme, the research team will be speaking on the topic of wellbeing of teaching assistants, teachers, and school leaders. If you are able and would like to attend, please register your attendance on Eventbrite.

More information

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